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Artisan Coffee Roastery located in North County Dublin, specialising in mircolot coffee.





Region: Colombia Antioquia
Roast:  Medium
Process: Natural
Variety:  Castillo
Cup: With every sip, the bright and fruity notes of blackcurrant and blueberry dance on the palate, offering a burst of tangy sweetness that is perfectly balanced by the candy-like sweetness and rum undertones. The floral notes that come through are simply amazing, elevating the coffee’s aroma to new heights and creating a sensory experience that is truly memorable. The intensely winey acidity adds a delightful tartness to the coffee, making it bright and lively, and further complementing the fruit notes.


This small lot coffee comes from the farm of El Encanto farmed by Juan Saldarriaga a young producer who took over his family’s farms in 2012. Grown at 1600 masl on 26 hectares surrounded by forest and natural reserve. Juan has built several different types of drying facilities and changed the processing of washed under shade and naturals in a specially designed mechanical (cold dryer). This microlot cupping score is 88.

Winner of 3 Stars Great Taste Awards 2021.

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Weight N/A

1kg, 250g


Aeropress (2 Min Brew), Chemex (1-3 cup), Chemex (6-8 Cup) / Drip Brewer, Espresso, French Press, Moka Pot, V60 (1 Cup), V60 (2 Cup), Wholebean