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Artisan Coffee Roastery located in North County Dublin, specialising in mircolot coffee.



Rebel House Espresso


Country: Brazil, South of Minas Gerais
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural
Roast: Medium
Cupping Score: 84
Cup: Chocolate, caramel, nuts, red fruits. Refined citrus acidity. Soft and velvety body with a long and pleasant aftertaste.



Situated in the southern region of Minas Gerais, Santa Izabel Farm has long been renowned for its exceptional coffee beans. In 2013, it was acquired by Nobletree Coffee Farms, led by Marco Suplicy, who initiated a remarkable transformation towards becoming a sustainable and globally esteemed coffee producer. A pivotal aspect of this revitalization was the establishment of a cutting-edge greenhouse and nursery at Santa Izabel. The facility cultivates a diverse array of over 40 tree species, meticulously assessed for their ability to yield top-grade coffee while thriving in Brazil’s climate, resisting diseases, and maximizing crop productivity.

Only the most outstanding trees from the nursery are handpicked and replanted in the farm’s older sections, ensuring a future characterized by award-winning coffees and sustainable agricultural practices. Santa Izabel Farm proudly holds the Rainforest Alliance Certification, a testament to its commitment to environmental conservation and responsible farming methods.

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1kg, 250g


Aeropress (2 Min Brew), Chemex (1-3 cup), Chemex (6-8 Cup) / Drip Brewer, Espresso, French Press, Moka Pot, V60 (1 Cup), V60 (2 Cup), Wholebean