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Artisan Coffee Roastery located in North County Dublin, specialising in mircolot coffee.

McKennas guide award for our coffee

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Good coff ee roasters tell you on the tin what you can expect when you sip from the cup.

So, when you grind up some @javathehut_coffee_roasters Spezial, organic microlot beans sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, roaster Marc Hynes tells you to expect that the coffee will be ‘tangy with grapefruit, apple, lemon and melon.’

And it’s all there: the clean apple note; the tartness of the lemon; the sweetness of the melon; then the dry, slightly sour grapefruit note to finish. Spezial is special, indeed.

Hynes and his team roast in The Beat Centre, in Balbriggan, which sounds like the sort of place where you might bump into Jack Kerouac or Allan Ginsberg. More importantly, for ordinary decent commuters, is the fact that Marc and his wife, Emer, also run the coffee shop at Balbriggan Train Station.

Given that one of the perils of pubic transport in Ireland is the less-than-stellar quality of the coffee and the sandwiches, to be able to source such high-end, hand-roasted coffee is a Godsend. The journey from Balbriggan to Connolly Station will fly by in a buzz of caffeinated delight.

Marc and Emer need to be allowed to establish a Java The Hut at every train station. It’s the least Irish rail can do for all of us who love to travel by rail.


If you have any questions about any of our products or purchasing our coffee for your bar, restaurant or cafe, please contact us below and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

    our locations

    Our shop is situated in Balbriggan Train Station in North County Dublin. Brewing up some of our premium hand roasted coffee fresh from our roastery weekdays from 6am to 2pm.


    Unit 1, Beat Centre,
    Stephenstown Industrial Estate,
    County Dublin


    Phone: +353 (0)1 802 04 50


    Balbriggan Railway Station,
    Railway Street,
    County Dublin